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_BYOBI \ Obi Okolo - Empowerment Coach and Wellness Consultant; (Deep) Life Coach in London, Greater London.

Obi Okolo (@_BYOBI) - Consultant Coach - facilitator of deep (holistic) personal development; agent of personal transformation, empowerment and wellness.

Empowerment coaching and wellness consulting.


(Deep) Life Coaching

Are you really happy? Is your life truly amazing? With so much more potential than you realise, I make every attempt to create a relaxed atmosphere of trust for you during the sessions to explore your perception of personal power, joy, autonomy, and meaning.

(Deep) life coaching with spirituality and meaning; coaching with a philosophical, mindfulness and somatic approach.


Empowerment Coaching

I offer you an empowering fusion of very personal training and self-protection (self-defence) instructing that gets you fit and fearless. My methodology is simple, effective and efficient; filling your life with zest anew.

Mindful personal training with a main emphasis on quality nutrition, somatics and functional fitness. Effective and efficient self-protection instructing with a resolute focus on intense resilience, combatives tactics and/or techniques.

Wellness Consulting

Do you feel overwhelmed by your hopes or troubles? As a wellness consultant I will work with you to examine the situation or crisis you are facing - and find an individual approach to deal with it. I will help you sort your life out - working across all dimensions of wellness.

Wellness consulting and strategic interventions to help anyone stuck, challenged, overwhelmed, or in crisis.

**8 Dimensions of Wellness

Inner Aspects: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical

Outer Aspects: Environmental, Social, Occupational, and Financial

More Services:

  • Existential Mindfulness

  • Mindful Somatics

  • Personal Training

  • Self-protection Instructing

  • Stress Management