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_BYOBI \ Obi Okolo - Empowerment Coach and Wellness Consultant; (Deep) Life Coach in London, Greater London.

Obi Okolo (@_BYOBI) - Consultant Coach - facilitator of deep (holistic) personal development; agent of personal transformation, empowerment and wellness.

Empowerment coaching and wellness consulting.


“I have enjoyed working with Obi, he made me feel extremely calm and confident to express myself with no judgement. He has helped me to identify my barriers that are blocking growth and to look at my life in a different perspective in order to be my true and authentic self. Thank you Obi for my enlightenment.” - Barbara C.

“My experience so far working with Obi has been one of enlightenment and growth. Obi provides a very safe space whereby truth and honesty in all forms is respected and honoured. I have always been delivered to a more empowered place after every session. For anyone seeking a wonderful coach who spiritually and philosophically underscores a safe space whilst promoting wellness, mindfulness and fulfilment, I HIGHLY recommend.” - Roxanne R.

“Working with Obi has been very interesting. I came to him with many issues that were hindering my success and personal development. Obi has challenged my thinking and my stances on certain issues and the way I perceive the world, he has been able to help me put everything into perspective. I feel that Obi’s style of coaching is very unique and authentic, and for me it has been very significant in helping me remove old belief systems that were no longer serving me, and also to allow me to dig deeper and find out who I really am at the core.” - Sahil S.

“Obi and I have been on a heck of a journey over the past 8 weeks. Initially I was apprehensive to work with a male coach wondering whether a male would ‘get me’, but Obi listened to my every word without judgement; he made me realise very quickly that I had nothing to be apprehensive about. He was always right by my side, totally invested in me and my journey. Obi is a true professional and gentleman with a beautiful soul that he brings 100% to every coaching session. Obi is a natural and authentic coach that I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending.” - Phillipa P.

“I have found it to be very helpful working with Obi. He helped me clearly identify areas of my life which I wanted to work on and what was holding me back. I found his approach to be very wise and I have learnt a lot with his help.” - Jamie A.